Introduction to Soil Science (ASS101)

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  • The ASS 101 is developed using Moodle® and employing Problem-Based Learning ( PBL) as an active learning technique.
  • Delivering the course using PBL shifts the focus to student-centered learning by assigning student teams to work and report on a number of current soil science themes.
  • Teams of students are responsible for problem investigation and definition, for identifying and obtaining the information and skills they will need for development of a satisfactory solution.
  • Each of the problems undertaken by student teams concludes with student presentations and the preparation and submission of a professional quality work product.
  • Teams work semi-competitively on the same problems so that students can learn from the experience of other students that are reflected in the oral reports.
  • The course is developed around four learning modules.
    Module 1: Soil Genesis
    Module 2: Soil physics
    Module 3: Soil Mineralogy, Chemistry and Fertility
    Module 4: Soil Survey and Classification
  • Each module is structured as a short project in which students work to understand, explore, and recommend contributions to soil science goals.

This course allows guest users to enter  This course requires an enrolment key