Organic chemistry(CHM101)

 This course requires an enrolment key

This course will include several chapters which cover the different subjects of organic chemistry. The main contents will include the following:  

1 – Basic IUPAC Organic Nomenclature 

2 – Structure Determines Properties  

3 – Reaction Types:  

4 – Alkane Hydrocarbons  

5 – Structure and Preparation of Alkenes  

6 – Alkynes  

7 – Alcohols  

8 – Aldehydes and Ketones

9 – Amines  

10 – Carboxylic Acids

11 – Arenes and Aromaticity 


Studying these subjects will help students to understand reaction mechanism of the different types carried out in the living cells. This course considered pre-request for studying all branches of biochemistry

This course requires an enrolment key