Arthropods (PAR305)

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Phylum Arthropoda

It is the largest phylum in the animal kingdom and contains about 80% of the known species of animals .

Veterinary Entomology is the science deals with the study of Arthropoda of veterinary importance. This science should strictly speaking to the six-legged animals or Insecta, but the medical and veterinary entomologists are expected to deal with the Acari, the four-legged animals.

The deleterious effect of Arthropods on animal health could be either direct or indirect through transmission of pathogens.

Development of arthropods start with the females which meight be an oviparous, larviparous or pupiparous females. Arthropods may show no metamorphosis , complete or incomplete one.

Classification of phylum arthropods is simplified and restricted to those of our veterinary and medical importance.

This course requires an enrolment key